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Quick Guide to Influencer Marketing

Quick Guide to Influencer Marketing

Depending on your brand, influencer marketing can take many different shapes and forms. For most PRs we’re referring to Journalists, Social Talent such as Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers, Social Commentators and like-minded Media Personalities.

For the benefit of this article, let’s discuss the top 5 approaches to planning a Social Influencers Marketing, but most of these strategies would work for the other audiences too.

1. Identify Your Cluster Groups. Once you’ve identified a few Influencers that you want to work with, explore which other influencers that are seen with the most, chatting to on socials or collaborating with on their channels.

2. Collaboration. Invite your influencers to become a part of your content creation process. From challenges, competitions, instavids to promos – they know how to build an audience and will have great ideas on how to introduce your brand to theirs in an authentic way.


3. Don’t forget the little guys. If brands are on a budget, sometimes working with a large number of talent with a slightly smaller reach can be just as effective at raising awareness.

4. Meet Ups. Bring your collabs in to the real world and host events that enable your brand to connect with consumers and their favourite social talent.

5. Set clear Targets & Deliverables. This is especially important for sponsored campaigns, but this doesn’t meant dictating the script word by word! Encourage creative freedom but offer guidelines and set clear expectations from the start.

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