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The Power of Mobile Marketing

The Power of Mobile Marketing

With mobile traffic overtaking desktop and 53% of emails opened on a mobile in 2019 (compared to 3% in 2018), it’s clear that the use of mobile phones impacts massively on your digital marketing strategy as a whole. Are your website and emails optimised for mobile? If not, do it, not least because Google prioritises mobile friendly websites in searches made from phones. It could also make you stand out from the competition, as although companies are catching up when it comes to optimising their websites, many are lagging behind when it comes to email, resulting in a customer experience that is not aligned. With 70% of people immediately deleting emails that don’t render well on a mobile device, you can’t afford not to.

The time spent using mobile apps is far greater than for mobile web use (86% compared to 14%) meaning that incorporating apps into your mobile marketing strategy is becoming ever more critical. This doesn’t mean that you have to develop your own app (although you could) but you should at least research the key apps your target market are using and how you can “get in there”. For example, if your research shows that your users are using instagram [link to instagram blog] a lot, you will want to have an instagram strategy for your business.

And you don’t want to ignore the humble text message. More than 98% of SMS messages get opened in the first three minutes and is great for communicating business critical information to your customers to enhance the overall user experience. If you know your customers live in countries where they have regular access to wi-fi or good data plans, links can be embedded, but only if absolutely necessary. With higher open and engagement rates than email, it can work wonders when part of an integrated digital marketing campaign.

If that’s not enough to convince you to integrate mobile marketing into your other digital marketing channels. Here are a few more mindblowing facts:

• 80% of mobile users use their device while watching TV, making the impact of mobile marketing transferrable to non-digital channels (source)
• 90% of shared links to blogs were via mobile (source)
• More than half of all YouTube views are on mobile devices and, once there, mobile viewers spend an average of 40 minutes watching videos (source)

There is so much more but we think you get the gist.

Not sure digital marketing is for you?

Here are just a few ways that enhancing your digital marketing skills could help you.

Career progression. We all get stuck in a work rut from time to time. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to university or chasing that promotion, the key is to ensure you’re taking the right career steps to add value and expertise to your business. Take our Diagnostic Tool to test your digital skills and discover the right training for you.

Driving your business start-up. Most new businesses can rarely afford to hire expensive marketing agencies and a lean start-up knows that having essential digital marketing skills within your business can help drive sales and customer loyalty – not to mention save you money in the long term.
Transforming your business. The way we do business is changing and ensuring your team is empowered to create effective digital strategies is the key to business success right now and in the future. Is your business ready? Contact us to benchmark your business in your sector.

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