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What is CRO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a process of tweaking your website to increase the number of website visitors taking the desired action . The CRO process considers visitors’ behaviour on site, analyses the actions they perform, and issues preventing them from completing their action. 

Crystal Digital’s expert CRO team will enhance your online results by crafting an effective conversion optimization strategy, and design A/B tests for you. We focus on analyzing issues that may be affecting your online sales process to understand why you visitors are not converting. Next, we create an optimization strategy to fix these issues and boost conversions.


A conversion is an action that you want a visitor to your site to take. Examples of conversions include:

  1. Buy a product
  2. Download an ebook/video/template
  3. Opt-in to newsletter
  4. Register on your site
  5. Request quote
  6. Make a phone call


Checking Analytics: We assess customer behaviour, engagement metrics, and other relevant metrics.

Audience Research: We research your target audience to understand them well.

Site Audit: We audit your site to identify and resolve issues affecting the conversion rate.

Track Performance: We monitor continually results .

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