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Google Ad Campaigns

Our PPC services involves advertising your business through search engines help you reach your target audience in Kenya as well as other countries, and acquire new customers. When potential customers search for a service or product similar to yours on search engines, we will help your brand be visible to them. This gives your brand more exposure, puts your brand on customer’s mind, and influences their purchasing decision resulting in more sales for your brand.

With Google Adwords Advertising,  you can spread brand awareness and put your business on top of your customers’ mind. 


Our PPC Management Services can help your business achieve growth in three ways:

  • Increase web traffic: Get potential customers to visit your website 
  • Enhanced brand awareness: Reach the ideal target audience and get more impressions
  • Higher Conversions: Drive customer to action 


Our PPC Management  service involves:

  1. Audience Research: Identify your audience and where they are
  2. Ad Creation: Create engaging and result driven ad copy and images
  3. Google Ads Management: Manage campaign and monitor performance.
  4. Ad Refinement: Tweak ads to give you better results.
  5. Reporting: Comprehensive report on campaign performance

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