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Crystal Digital delivers conversion rate optimization services to maximize your online results for less than it would cost you to hire an in-house digital marketing team. Talk to us to get a personalized detailed conversion analysis of your website.

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What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a process of tweaking your website to increase the number of website visitors taking the desired action such as subscribing to your email list, adding a product to cart, etc. The CRO process considers visitors’ behaviour on site, analyses the actions they perform, and issues preventing them from completing their action. It’s primary goal is to ensure as many visitors as possible are completing the goal of your website.

Crystal Digital’s expert CRO team will enhance your online results by crafting an effective conversion optimization strategy, and design A/B tests for you. We focus on analyzing issues that may be affecting your online sales process to understand why you visitors are not converting. Next, we create an optimization strategy to fix these issues and boost conversions.

What is a Conversion?

A conversion is an action that you want a visitor to your site to take. Examples of conversions include:

  1. Buy a product
  2. Download an ebook/video/template
  3. Opt-in to newsletter
  4. Register on your site
  5. Request quote
  6. Click to Chat
  7. Make a phone call
  8. Refer a friend

We provide services that boost conversion rates for businesses leveraging websites for lead generation. Our customers have high conversion rates ranging from 10% to 150%!

Conversion Rate Optimization Services in Nairobi, Kenya
Conversion Rate Optimization Services in Kenya

Premier Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

As one of the leading conversion rate optimization agency in
Kenya, we guarantee you the best results. Our comprehensive conversion rate optimization services have helped both B2C and B2B companies. Why not you? With our vast experience across multiple industries, you can expect improved conversion rates, better audience engagement, and reduced customer acquisition costs.

Our Conversion Optimization Process

Checking Analytics: Our first step is to check how your website is fairing. We assess customer behaviour, engagement metrics, and other relevant metrics.

Audience Research: We prioritize getting a better understanding of your target audience, know what your customers want, and how to engage them well.

Site Audit: Based on results from previous assessment, we audit your site to identify and resolve issues affecting the conversion rate.

Track Performance: Having optimized your site, we monitor continually results to ensure changes done have achieved the intended purposes – increasing conversion rate.

With Crystal Digital, you can boost your conversions without
spending more on your digital marketing strategy. 

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